Just a thought: Eye liner

So, this blog post is a review… of some sort.

The subject which will be scrutinised: Eye liner.

More specifically, a Kat Von D ink! liner sample I got for free whilst walking with my friend through King’s Cross.

There was a Kat Von D promotion stand inside the station. There were women who were giving out free selfie sticks, and also make up. If you gave them your email you would receive a lipstick or an eye liner in return. My friend went for the lipstick option. This was the most vibrant shade of red I’ve seen on a lipstick. I went for the eye liner. My thought process? Well… it went something like this: “I will never buy this, so I might as well experiment with a free sample”.

So, I’ve been meaning to try out this free sample for some time… I finally had the chance to see what it’s like tonight. I googled a Youtube video to get a rough idea of how to do it… this was my first time ever using an eye liner. It took me a couple of minutes of wiping and reapplying. It was difficult to paint the lines because the brush was cumbersome and it was difficult to angle it right. The ink came out choppy and it started to flake when it dried. It also faded. I had to repaint over the same area a number of times to get the result I wanted.

Once I was satisfied with the outcome, I suppose that I didn’t do too bad a job for my first try. I came to a number of conclusions. Number one: my eye shape doesn’t suit eye liner. I have a prominent crease that makes make up redundant because the majority of my eye lid folds over itself when I open my eye. So, you can’t see where I painted because it’s hidden.

I paired the eye liner with my mascara, and the result was horrendous. I felt like a clown. I didn’t feel attractive at all. I don’t understand how women can subject themselves to this. I took a good look at myself and realised that I don’t need to paint myself to feel or look attractive… I don’t wear make up generally, and when I do I make sure I look natural. Eye liner, in the way that I’ve used it… feels really unnatural.

I then decided that I’m going to wash it off… I have a cream face cleanser that did the trick. Conclusion number two: my eyes are now experiencing their own personal form of hell. It is this strange stinging sensation that I’ve luckily not had the displeasure of experiencing before. No make up that I have has done this to me before.

Conclusion number three: I was right. I will not buy eye liner. I will not waste my money on such a product. Lesson learned.



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