Sausage Party – A Review

Sausage Party

The film was directed by Conrad Vernon and Greg Tiernan.

The story is written by Seth Rogen.

Released in 2016.

The story mainly takes place in a gigantic supermarket, where the food is under the illusion that human beings are gods and past the sliding doors of the store there is a “Great Beyond”. The reality is much different however, and the heroes try to save the other food by revealing the truth to their friends and turning against the humans.

How can I say this politely? This film was one of the most offensive films I’ve ever seen. It was the only R-rated animated feature film I’ve seen in my life… and I do not want to watch it again. So, this review comes after one viewing of the film, after forcing myself to watch the end.

Why would I think it’s offensive? Almost every sentence was filled with a profanity. Most of the dialogue was either a euphemism, or a direct sexual reference. There was no respite from it; it was constant. The portrayal of characters was also highly sexualised; there were characters who were even using drugs.

The story makes sense. The food is exploited and they want to be freed from the humans. They are blissfully unaware of their own misery which is yet to come. There are plenty of unnecessary scenes however, where the characters interact with each other in an extremely unorthodox manner. One of the last scenes, where the food celebrates their victory, is just horrifying to watch. They don’t add to the plot, they are just there for shock value.

The characters are all cliche and really predictable. The relationships between the characters are obvious; you know what is going to happen to whom, even though you haven’t seen the end of the film yet. The plot is also predictable for the most part. You know what’s going to happen, the only thing that makes you wonder is “how” it’s going to happen.

The only surprising thing about this film is how much profanity, sex, violence and drugs they managed to fit into it. Despite it all, that’s not the part that makes me angry. The thing that makes me the most angry about this film is that the people who made it weren’t paid properly. The film cost apparently 19 million to make… That is a ridiculously low sum. I don’t understand what excuse the studio directors can give for this film. It is bad right down to its core.


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