Jason Bourne (Film 2016) – A Review

Jason Bourne

Directed by Paul Greengrass

Based on novels written by Robert Ludlum

The film follows on from it’s predecessor – Jason Bourne Ultimatum. 10 years after the last film, Jason Bourne (Matt Damon) has managed to hide from the bad guys after revealing top secret CIA stuff. However, Nicky Parsons (Julia Stiles) is still snooping around, trying to reveal the rest of their dirty secrets. As Nicky finds out more information by looking through the agency’s database, she is tracked by Heather Lee (Alicia Vikander). Nicky contacts Jason, and from then on it spirals out of control as more people try to chase Bourne. Assassins are thrown in the way, as well as billionaire Tech entrepreneurs. The plot becomes more complex and everyone tries to triple- cross each other.

As always there is some deeply hidden part of Bourne’s character that has resurfaced and is coming back to haunt him. This time it’s not his memories though, which is refreshing. It’s still a bit silly though. Even after all that time he is still looking for answers… I am disappointed. I thought this film would offer some sort of closure, and that the back stabbing would recede a little bit. It didn’t. Some twists were interesting, some felt really obvious, and others felt absolutely outrageous. The only reason why I think they decided to hold that conference in Vegas is so that they could drive a car through a casino.

Most of the action seemed appropriated from the previous films. Some scenes felt long and monotonous, and at one point there was nothing happening… other than people running, walking, or sitting in various vehicles with tense facial expressions on their faces. These scenes would of course be accompanied by a thrilling soundtrack which would create the build up necessary for the ‘bang!’ during the climax. The entire film was really dragged out.

I felt that this film was missing that Jason Bourne charm. I think, this is probably due to the fact that I’ve just expected more. The other films were great, and I thought this one would be too. That being said, it’s still much better then the fiasco which happened with Jeremy Renner… how that was related to Jason Bourne, I have no idea. Also, I thought that Jason would get caught in this one which would be exciting… but no. The entire film is still the CIA playing cat and mouse with Bourne.

The shaky (and I presume?) hand-held camera is frustrating to look at. There is no need to make the audience feel as if the set was experiencing an earthquake. I felt that this film was full of those camera shots… Maybe because I’ve seen the three previous films and now I’m tired of looking at the same thing, but I really didn’t find anything special about this film.

The acting was great. Matt Damon was, as always, spectacular as Bourne. Most of the actors fit well in the film, except for one. I felt no emotion in Alicia Vikander’s performance. This is probably because I’ve seen her as an emotionless robot in Ex-Machina, so I couldn’t not picture her… as an emotionless robot. I did struggle to relate to her.

If you were to watch the Bourne franchise films, then I would recommend you watch this one, instead of Bourne Legacy. It’s not the best Bourne film, but it’s still alright.


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