Pride and Prejudice (1995) Episode 4

Pride and Prejudice

Screen Adaptation – 1995

Episode 4


Directed by Simon Langton.


This episode includes Elizabeth’s trip to Derbyshire and Lydia’s going away to Brighton with the Foresters.

The first half of this episode is silently moving image with either the narration of Darcy or Elizabeth as they both read parts of the letter he wrote her. This is a bit too thorough for my liking. (I know I can’t be pleased it’s either too much or too little) I feel that there is no balance in the way this adaptation is approached. There are scenes which stick to the books like glue, and there are some that fly away into the sky like frightened birds.

I saw no reason for Mr Darcy to take a dip in the lake in front of his house other than to create some sort of premise for him to speak again to the visiting party. (He went away to change his clothes) Since the characters weren’t placed in the situation which would enable them to meet twice, I think this is a nice touch. I still think I would have preferred if Elizabeth was walking with her Aunt and Uncle around the Pemberley grounds though.

Colin Firth makes a much better agreeable Darcy than a disagreeable one. I don’t think that he does very well to portray the severity of Darcy’s character in the two previous episodes. In the first he didn’t speak much, but in the other two he spoke a bit and I felt that his way of speaking was a bit removed from his facial expression. He’s not severe enough.

Up to now Darcy felt a bit out of place, but in Pemberly it was a bit different. I liked Elizabeth’s reaction to her unexpected meeting with Darcy. The first half of the episode, because really slow, felt longer than the second half. Overall the episode wasn’t so bad, but I think that’s owing to the fact that the plot is getting more interesting.

This episode was a bit more aesthetically pleasing. It was nice to see some color; to have a contrast between the ladies relatively bland clothes and the back drop. Unfortunately I don’t think I can give the lighting designers any credit than in the episodes before this one. I think it’s because the action is outside and they managed to find a bit of sunshine to brighten up the scene. I hope that episode 5 doesn’t lose color.

Onwards and upwards to episode 5.


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