Pride and Prejudice (1995) Episode 6

Pride and Prejudice

Screen Adaption – 1995

Episode 6

Directed by Simon Langton.


The series draws to a close. All is made well with Lydia’s marriage to Wickham. The two visit Longbourn and Lydia reveals that it was Darcy who found them out and paid for their marriage. Bingley returns to Netherfield with Darcy, and the episode concludes with the happy marriage of both to their chosen ladies.

I like the declaration Mr. Bennet makes of his shame and ill behaviour towards his daughters. I don’t think that the reveal of Darcy’s actions in the Lydia-Wickham wedding was appropriate. The entire family had no idea what Darcy did; it was only Elizabeth, and later she only told Jane and Mr. Bennet. I think this is rather senseless because it ruins the point. One of the reasons why Darcy’s actions are deemed so noble is because he doesn’t want AND get credit for his actions. Lydia was only supposed to be speaking to Elizabeth when her tongue slipped. This is again one of those annoying mishaps this adaptation makes.

The proposal sequence with Jane and Bingley is embarrassing to watch, mainly because of the mother. I feel that this is one of those cases where I won’t be pleased either way. In the book it is exactly the same as on screen, but I feel the execution is lacking something. Probably because of how Mrs. Bennet is portrayed on screen.

The sequence between Elizabeth and Darcy is also lacking something. I don’t feel any chemistry between them.

This last episode doesn’t do justice to the end of this series. The double wedding is silly. I would much rather skip that, and see Jane and Elizabeth settled happily in Netherfield and Pemberley respectively.

I heard this adaptation of Pride and Prejudice was praised, but I much prefer the modern take of the 2005 version. Shorter is better, and I think that this series was just far too long. Yes, it included all the things that were in the book, but I felt their portrayal wasn’t top notch. I think it’s much better to leave the audience wanting more by creating something that is short (and good), than to make something that is long (and a drag).


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