Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2

A film review of the sequel Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2 released in 2013. (If you need to catch up, you can read my thoughts on the first film here:

Directed by Cody Cameron and Kris Pearn

When they say sequel they are not joking. The action picks up literally straight after Flint’s machine explodes. The gang makes up, and a random helicopter appears out of nowhere to land in front of Flint and the crew. Out comes Chester V, who was introduced at the begining of the film as Flint’s idol. Chester V tells the town he will clean it up, meanwhile relocating the island’s inhabitants to a city which has a lot of coincidental similarities with San Francisco. (But obviously not San Francisco because that would be crazy, no. It’s San Franjose – totally different.)

After unable to complete his “secret” plan, Chester V asks Flint to locate the machine and shut it down as the machine is still working – and making more food. This time, the food is alive. The gang joins Flint who was supposed to keep it a secret, and they all go on Dad’s boat to the island under the letter “A”.

Eventually Flint is separated from the gang by Chester V, who obviously does some evil double crossing. Flint is then saved by some marshmellows (yes, you read that correctly) and meets with Dad. With the help of some foodimals, they save the gang, the machine, the foodimals, and Chester V is rightfully eaten by a Cheeseburger. The end.

The plot is much the same as the first one, without much of a point. However, halfway through the film I knew I wanted to buy it on DVD. (I bought it a couple of days later.) I love the puns (forgive me for the ones I’ve made in this review) and I absolutely love the character and world design. This film is just spectacular to watch. The animation is brilliant. The only thing that lets it down is unfortunately the plot, which is the case a lot of the time with these pretty looking 3D films. Regardless, I would definitely recommend you watch the second one. It is a lot better than the first by miles.

It’s a lot less gross than the first one, a lot more vibrant in colors. They have used a lot more natural food in this, like fruit and vegetables. In the first one it was mostly processed food. I have to say the highlight of the film was Dad teaching the pickles how to fish, and the butter saying… butter.

Mostly pointless relating narrative, but a very pretty film.


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