A film review.

Directed by Nicholas Stoller and Doug Sweetland.

Released in September 2016.

This is a 3D animated film, and the plot focuses on the storks who changed their vocation from baby delivery to standard package delivery as the babies were too much hassle. One baby, named Tulip, was the culprit who caused all the trouble, and throughout the film she continues to cause trouble as she makes a baby in the baby making machine and then tries to deliver it to the expecting family. She is accompanied by Junior, a stork who wants to prove that he can manage as the new boss and he attempts to control the mayhem caused by Tulip.

I thought this would be another cliche, stiff 3D animated film filled with bad pun jokes and references… but it wasn’t too bad. It had a message, it had a good plot that played on the medium of storytelling, and the jokes in the film were thoroughly entertaining. There were times I couldn’t stop laughing.

The character design was slightly generic, but the way they were animated was new and interesting. I particularly loved the wolves and their pack formations… I liked that this film used the medium of animation to create something that could otherwise not be made in live action. 

Despite this being an animated film, I don’t really think it’s suited for small kids. Considering, there is actually quite a bit of voilence in this film. (Even though the animation is a cartoon) There are also many inside jokes and adult references that kids wouldn’t really understand. A great watch for a teenager who is into animated films; would definitely recommend.


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