Around the World in 80 Days

“Around the World in 80 Days”

By Jules Verne

A classic adventure novel, originally published in 1873. However, I read this as an e-book.

Phileas Fogg makes a bet that the world can be circumnavigated in 80 days, which he then attempts to accomplish.

This book is written in the typical language of its time. A time where steam boats and steam trains were the fastest way to travel, and the British Empire still had its hold over India. It’s set in a fictional reality, where things that could have happened, happen. There are no flying saucers or anything odd out of the blue… entirely. The only thing that strikes me as a bit unrealistic is when the protagonist can’t travel by train because the railway tracks are not complete yet, and he finds an elephant to carry him across India.

It was an interesting read. It did make me shake my head a couple of times, because I rather expected the train and steam train timetables to suddenly become out of sync. Yet, apparently all the means of travel are on time and it’s human error that causes Phileas Fogg to be late. If you’ve ever travelled on any form of British transport network you’d know this is purely fiction. I also find his servant, Passepartout, rather useless. He only causes trouble and is of no particular use. 

The book is interesting, but not exceptionally exciting. It’s one of those books you read once. It’s 


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