The Tail of Emily Windsnap

“The Tail of Emily Windsnap” 

By Liz Kessler

Published in 2005 by Scholastic, New York.

This is a children’s adventure book written from the point of view of Emily Windsnap who finds out she is a mermaid during a swimming lesson. After realising what she is, she then tries to uncover what really happened to her parents.

The writing is childish… that’s to be expected though. A lot of the book is description and talk of best friends. The moral of the story isn’t too bad though – No matter how odd you are or what troubles you may have, there is still a place for you out there in the world. 

I found the main character somewhat annoying. It wasn’t too unbearable but it was hard to read the book and not cringe a little bit when talk resolved to ‘You’re such a great best friend,’ and ‘No! You’re the bestest best friend, ever!’

This book is pretty cool for kids. It’s a fun book about mermaids. The world the author is trying to create lacks a certain depth though. (A pun was inevitable) Everything happens very quickly and there isn’t much challenge or time for the character to reflect, the story just keeps on going. This book isn’t very long though, so again considering the amount of time the author had to resolve the plot, it wasn’t too bad.


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