Dragons of Deltora 2: Shadowgate

“Dragons of Deltora 2: Shadowgate”

By Emily Rodda

Published in 2004 by Scholastic, New York.

Again, this is a teenager/ child fantasy book set in Deltora, the second book in the series. The protagonists continue to travel across the land. Having defeated the evil in the East, they then go North to rid the land of the second Sister, which is the name given to the evil spell cast over the land by the Shadow Lord.

The second book has a quick recap at the beginning in italics which reminds the reader of what happened in the previous book, which is handy if you read the books with a gap in between. It’s a handy refresher of the plot.

This book felt a bit more abrupt. Things just happened and a lot of the action happened so fast it was difficult to understand what was going on because the writing was a bit vague. I didn’t like the ending, yes I was happy the protagonists all survived unscathed, but I didn’t understand why they appeared next to the enchanted castle, rather than in the ruins… It was a really odd and abrupt ending.

The plot was full of interesting twists and the plot is interconnected from beginning to end. There continue to be riddles and rhymes, and some things happen that are unexpected which is always nice.
I don’t remember having read this book. I remember reading the first but I don’t remember any part of this book, which doesn’t surprise me because there was nothing memorable about the plot. It was interesting but I think the first book is much better than the second one. 
I would recommend this book because even though it follows the same objective as the first, it’s not repetitive. There are different challenges and trials the characters must overcome, and I think despite the odd pacing the author did a relatively good job to live up to the expecations set out by the first book.


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