Dragons of Deltora 4: The Sister of the South

“Dragons of Deltora 4: The Sister of the South”

By Emily Rodda

Published in 2005 by Scholastic, New York.

Genre is fantasy. Kids book set in Deltora, the fourth and final book in the series. All the evil in the land has been defeated but one; the Southern Sister. Leaf, Jasmine and Barda go back to the place where their adventure began. 

In all of the three books I wondered why the map pieces exposing the location of the Sisters was so readily available, but apparently this was all a part of the Shadow Lord’s plan. Some other things were explained in this book as part of the narrative, which helps to tie the lose ends of the series. The fourth book makes references to all three previous novels, and somehow I feel it also makes reference to either prequels published afterwards, or books which came beforehand.

Towards the end, characters appear that Lief apparently had a long friendship with… their relationship tested during the war against the Shadow Lord. This is a bit frustrating because I don’t know what happens, but there is a list of books that has very suggestive names so I think the author wrote more about the back story of the series. 

In the end the protagonists marry, and even though there are tiny hints of their feelings for one another, the books didn’t stress this. So, when the characters did eventually tie the knot, I was a bit surprised. It’s nice that this wasn’t Twilight with dragons, but on the other hand I felt the main characters were more like friends rather than lovers. But who cares. Everyone lives happily ever after and that’s what counts, right?

It’s a good series with many teasers and twists along the way. It’s clever in the way it’s written and it maintains good momentum throughout. I recommend the books to younger readers who like fantasy.


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