Tales of Deltora

“Tales of Deltora” 

by Emily Rodda

Illustrated by Marc McBride

Published in 2006 by Scholastic, New York.

This is a hardcover special edition that includes extra full color illustrations.

It’s a book about the history of Deltora, how the land began, how the Shadowlands were formed and how the Shadow Lord gained power. It also describes Adin the Blacksmith’s journey to the seven tribes where he unties the people to fight for the common cause.

The book is written in a format where every chapter is a new story, and each story follows on from the previous one so continuation exists. This is an interesting way to tell a narrative. This book provides some background information for the “Dragons of Deltora” series. 

The story isn’t too bad, but the artwork isn’t anything to boast about. It’s very flat and some illustrations are really unappealing. 

I would recommend reading this book alongside the other Deltora novels. It provides extra information and it makes the novels a bit easier to follow, although there are still some things that are unexplained in the Dragons of Deltora series that don’t feature in this book… so you’d probably have to read the other Deltora novels to fill in the gaps. 

The story is good and the artwork is alright, so I would recommend this to anyone who was looking to read the Deltora novels.


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