The Dreamseller: The Calling

“The Dreamseller: The Calling”

By Augusto Cury

First published in the UK in 2011 by Simon & Schuster UK Ltd. A CBS COMPANY.

Originally published in Brazil in 2008 by Editoria Academia de InteligĂȘncia as “Vendedor de Sonhos”.

The book is about a man who calls himself ‘Dreamseller’, and he attempts to sell dreams to people. The book begins with a man who is trying to jump off a building, and the Dreamseller confronts him and eventually manages to persuade him to live. The rest of the book follows the exploits of the attempted suicide who becomes the Dreamseller’s disciple. They go on an unplanned journey through the city, changing peoples minds, and therefore their lives, gaining a wider following as people realise how fed up they are with the banality, stress, loss, meaninglessness and frustrations of their lives.

This book was written by Augusto Cury. This is the first book of his I ever held in my hands, but according to the information found in it’s pages he has written extensively. The blurb on the back of the book says that he is a psychiatrist, psychotherapist, and scientist. His background shows in his work. There is a lot of mind bending in this book. He really twists the way one thinks.

Having recently graduated from University, I must say I needed to read this. There were some times that I felt like that guy on the ledge. Depression hits the young and the old and in today’s world it’s difficult to escape from it. People look to different avenues to find happiness, but we dwell and stagnate because we can’t confront outselves. This book speaks of the human condition… of what it means to be human in today’s world. 

We are all wrapped up in stress and problems which are not important if we shift our perspectives. We’ve become obsessed with consumerism, with wealth, with power, things that have no meaning in the wider scope of things. I think we forgot how to live. The media is killing us from the inside, it’s drowning our hope. Technology isn’t helping. This book helps to see that all we need to be happy is regain our humanity. Love, respect, understand one another, and we will regain what we lost. Spend more time with our loved ones instead of chasing empty dreams. We are all guilty of these things, and unfortunately we all suffer because of it.

This book is extraordinary… it makes you want to dream. It reminded me a bit of Matt Haig’s “Reasons to Stay Alive”. Both books make the reader re-evaluate their lives. I recommend both books to anyone, whether you are struggling with inner demons or simply looking for a good read.


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