Gone Girl

“Gone Girl”

by Gillian Flynn


A Pheonix Paperback published in 2014, Orion Books Ltd., London.

This is another book that falls into the crime thriller genre.

Nick and Amy Dunne are about to celebrate their fifth wedding anniversary… but then Amy disappears. In the house there are signs of a struggle, a staged crime scene which makes the police suspicious. They ask Nick basic questions about where he was at the time of the incident and who he was with, which he answers with lies.

The book is separated into three parts. The first, is when Nick finds out about the circumstances surrounding his wife’s disappearance. The second, is when Amy reveals the truth of the plot. The third is when both parties are reunited. I found the first segment boring, mainly because I couldn’t stand either one of the characters. They were both so selfish and self-centered, it was hard to read about their problems and remain sympathetic. When I finally started reading the segment where Amy reveals the truth and tells the reader what actually happened, I couldn’t put the book down. I still felt relatively unsympathetic towards the characters because they both seemed to dig their own graves, unwilling to compromise. I particularly disliked Amy. But I wanted to know what happened. There were so many twists and double meanings to everything, it was a really well structured murder.

I don’t think I’ve ever read a character who was so vindictive and convinced of being right. She had planned everything, and I find this a little bit hard to digest as things never worked out so perfectly. Yet, Amy always seemed to have a back up plan for everything, always seemed one step ahead of everyone. It was definitely an interesting read, but now that I know what happened I wouldn’t really want to read it again. The first half is boring as Nick tries to hide his affair, and the second half is interesting only because the pace finally picks up as everyone figures out Amy’s clues. The third part just made me shake my head, and the ending was… messed up. I suppose that’s in tune with the rest of the book, though. Towards the end of the book the reader is made aware of how un-perfect the perfect Amy is. Not a happy ending, at all. At least, not for anyone but Amy. She got what she wanted in the end.

I still can’t believe she got away with it.

There are some parts of the book I struggled with. The stupidity of the police. The stupidity of the husband, Nick. (I really have no idea what he is thinking) The fact that despite it all the couple remain together.

It was a good book to read, especially after my last read. However, I still prefer The Accident. That is probably due to the fact that the husband is loyal to the wife, and the wife isn’t crazy. Neither of which appears in Gone Girl. This novel will mess with you on many levels… it’s crime unlike any I’ve read before.

It’s an interesting read, but slow in the beginning, so if you want something you can snap your fingers to, this isn’t the book. Definitely an adult book, NOT for children.




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